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21 9 / 2014

I remember once blogging about “The Marriage Theory” - saying that I didn’t believe you could find your knight in shining armour and that I might as well settle for someone I could love out of possession… Gosh how I’ve changed since then. I have found that knight, who loves me for everything that I am and is beautiful inside and out.

Outside all that mush, let’s get down to business. Why am I bringing the subject of marriage up? Especially considering the fact I haven’t got time to poo at the moment, let alone tie the knot.

I’ve recently learned that two guys from my past have got engaged to their partners. I’m not blogging to express jealously or anything, I’m far from all that, but I just find it strange. How with me still feeling so young, these guys who are younger than me are doing something that I don’t want until I’m at least 25.

What I have come to realise is that I am a lot older than I was, and the idea of marriage and long-term commitment, is actually very prominent in my mind. I’m not saying I’m going to propose to my boyfriend, just because it’s on my mind, but it’s that mentality of going from someone who looks for a boyfriend and someone who looks for a future with the same boyfriend. And it seems the guys around me are beginning to make that more real for me.

In other news… I’m loving life at in the small, seaside town of Bexhill, but it seems I won’t be around for much longer, at least the next 9 months. All that auditioning in the city is finally starting to pay off and I’m happy to say that next month I’ll be starting a pantomime contract as The Prince in Sleeping Beauty.

Sad fact of the matter, I’ll be leaving Cameron a lot sooner than I thought, but he’s very happy for me and is going to be my rock through it all.

It’s all very exciting.

Also, in 2 weeks, the gays will finally be reunited in London on a FABULOUS night out. I can’t wait to see everyone again. It’s been too long.

This blog wishes a hearty congratulations to those two guys, they deserve every happiness.

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30 8 / 2014

I nominate…

I nominate…

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Is it wrong for a man to request his own space. I mean, I know in a commitment you have to think of the other person, and that’s totally understandable, but if you put aside time in your busy schedule to spend on your commitment, surely requesting two or three hours to yourself to unwind, relax, clear your mind is healthy?

Now that’s off my chest… What’s been going on in the wonderful world of Smith? Too much to be perfectly honest, I haven’t had time to poo!

There’s work who are making the most of me before I go away in January, a few odd auditions to fill the gaps between now and then and also a couple of gigs here and there. How I manage to squeeze in a relationship is beyond me.

Of course when you’re in love… And we’re using that word, because I love my partner, to the end of the world, even if he does irritate me and nag me every so often. When you’re in love, you find a way.

I guess that’s my message for today. When you want something so bad and feel like it’s the thing that will give you that reason to get up in the morning, you will find a way to make it happen, no matter how hard or frustrating it seems.

My family motto is “never give up”… And my motto is “always start trying”

In other news, got a big night out with the gays coming up soon which is going to be insane… If I can help it.

These ice bucket challenges are getting a bit boring now. Up to that point where it’s a conversation topic at the family dinner table.

OH and here’s another thing. One of my GBFs and my BF are meeting in the city for drinks tonight without me. How gay is that? Not gay as in GAY, but I mean gay. Still, it will do them good to finally meet.

Had a very adorable “daddy” moment with my nephew today. As I slept on the sofa for 15 minutes he woke me up, laid down next to me and requested we watch cartoons on my “blue phone”. We were a sight to see. We both fell asleep.

So that’s that really. Keep updated on The Further Adventures of SMITH and the CITY as we’ve got some exciting video blogs coming up very soon.

Hope you’re all enjoying what’s left of the summer!

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Watch out world, looks like I’m a dangerous individual!

Watch out world, looks like I’m a dangerous individual!

25 8 / 2014

This is my tasteful way of telling you guys, I will be starting on a new video blog in the near future. Keep checking out The Further Adventures of SMITHandtheCITY!!! Peace. Think I better call Cameron now, got a missed call on my phone… He’ll go apeshit if I miss it again!

25 8 / 2014

So, needless to say, Sunday was dressing gown day, and I got to spend it with my gorgeous boyfriend at my side. Ain’t he cute? Missing him loads!!

So, needless to say, Sunday was dressing gown day, and I got to spend it with my gorgeous boyfriend at my side. Ain’t he cute? Missing him loads!!

25 8 / 2014

Cameron came to visit this weekend, after a week and a half of anticipation and missing him, it had finally arrived. I was so happy to see him! So here’s the big news that came from his visit. I took him to the top of a cliff, looking out to the sea, I sat beside him and asked him to be my boyfriend. I know we were kind of already spoken for each other and what-not, and I was pretty sure he was the guy for me, I had to make it special for him. He was my best friend and would always tell me all the things guys had never done to him, so I’ve made sure that every moment counts for him, because I love him (did I just say that?)

So after the love fest, we strolled hand in hand back to my house, where we glammed up for mad Aunty Sharon’s 50th Birthday party. I’ll tell you what? I had so much fun, it felt like it was over in a heartbeat. Still, I had my new boyfriend at my side, and loved every moment.